Nostrils 4

CoherentLight is the pioneer in videos which focus on glamour and exquisite lighting to show the smoke well. The video opens with Kyleigh in her CLP debut - she has a great nostril style and even enjoys goofing around by taking a few drags directly through her nostrils. A great smile and a very playful attitude. Amiko has two segments with full volume nostrils exhales and lots of giggles which makes the smoke jiggle as well. Nice flutters/tendrils and after-smoke. Valentine is in 50s makeup, with lots of profile work as well as close ups. Her giggles/laughter produce nice bursts, and some very nice secondary wisps of after-smoke. Megan shows lots of thick streams as well as some fluttering exhales. She uses snaps and shows some very nice French Inhales, and her dialogue and occasional laughter produces bursts of smoke from her nostrils. Andi makes her first solo apperance in two segments dressed in red rubber and, although a newcomer, she has killer volume and projection. Finally Keenan is in two segments, first dressed in her business suit telling you about her turn-ons. She then reclines on her side for the second segment - there's some exceptionally nice control of the smoke, with little teasing jets and curls from her nostrils. And even though this video focuses on nostril exhales, there are enough snaps, frenches and double drags to satisfy just about anyone. This video has dialogue and natural audio.
Actors: Amiko
Studio: Coherent Light Photography
Categories: Pg
Length: 110+ Minutes

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Clp Nostrils 3
This video from the archives of CoherentLight has nearly two hours of nothing but nostrils by Jade, Brianne, Mirriam, and Shanna. Jade and Brianne smoke corks, Mirriam and Shanna smoke long whites (including some VS 120s by Shanna). Jade and Shanna are the volume stars in this piece - incredibly thick exhales are their hallmark. Shanna's snaps are also quite impressive. Brianne is very casual with her nostril exhales and does killer snap inhales, and Mirriam's cute face and lips wrap around white 100s and show us exceptionally liquid snap inhales. This is two hours of an incredible smoking show. This video has natural sound and some dialogue.

Clp Nostrils 5
This video shows almost all nostril exhales, with patented CoLight lighting and camerawork. Maddie races her way through three segments, including a mostly a three-quarters view from just below her chin, lots of closeups, and one with gloves, gown and jewelry. Nadja shows nice volume and cone exhales as well as nostril exhales in her three mostly casual segments. Ramona mixes regular nose streams with some nice slow fluttering exhales. She also shows a number of French inhales. Upper body and her face are the prominent views, with full make-up and black leather wrist gloves. Clarisse's thick nostril exhales work beautifully as long jets or slow, wafting ribbons. Watch for the three-quarter view close-ups, with casual elegance. Also, fast snaps is second nature to her. A lot of her three segments feature right-at-you and extreme closeups. This video has natural sound.
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