Ramona In Leather

Ramona returns for a second solo video, this time exclusively in leather fetish fashion (with the occasional addition of black streetwear), with heavy eye makeup that varies from scgment to segment. Ramona wears leather dress gloves at all times, and wears thick lipstick which coats her filters and is reapplied often. This is a right-at-you video with almost continuous eye contact with in all scenes except one, and there is a wider-than-usual variety of shooting angles, including lots of shots from below, with Ramona occasionally ashing at the camera with a smile. Ramona smokes VS 120s exclusively, with lots of multiple pumps, wide mouthed snaps, french inhales and thick, thick exhales. This video has natural audio.
Actors: Ramona
Studio: Coherent Light Photography
Categories: Leather
Length: 65+ Minutes

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Amikos Toy Box
Amiko's tastes are deliciously perverse. This Japanese-American beauty is as non-traditional as they come, and several vignettes demonstrate just some of her favorite fantasies. In the first, Amiko is in fetishwear, gloves and stockings - and a huge and magical strap-on, which she lovingly massages as she smokes and describes a very nasty fantasy that involves her and the viewer, which ends in a very graphic and messy finale. Then Amiko savors the pleasures of her submissive girl friend; teasing her, licking and blowing smoke at the face hidden behind the realistic lips of a rubber vaginal mask. Occasionally Amiko feeds her the cigarette as well, and she ends with five minutes of pleasure using her thick strap-on between her girlfriends rubber lips. Amiko's smoking is strong, with deep inhales and husky mouth, mouth/nose and talking exhales; the dialogue and action is explicit and nasty.

Dommes Toy
In three segments, Keenan and Valentine work over their hapless houseboy in this classic vintage title. Their tools are cigarettes, a cane and a spiked paddle. Segment one has them 'making love' to him with the coals of their cigarettes on his chest and back; Keenan seems to love rolling her exhales across his chest and face. In segment two they flip him over to work on his more tender areas with their cigarette coals and exhales. In the final segment they briefly use the cane on his now tender cheeks before pulling out the pin-spiked paddle. There is Intense dark-side activity in this title; there are lots of great deep inhales and thick exhales, plus lots of smoke in the houseboy's face along with some ashtray use. There is full audio. While the smoking in this video is terrific, be advised that all segments are very dark side.

Drews Wimp
Drew wants more out of life than her wimp husband can provide. She liked his money but her post-marriage plan was to take advantage of his controllable nature. She'd much rather torment and humilate him physically and verbally before she visits her boyfriends at the bar. She intends to train him to satisfy her friends for her amusement - and has already broken him to the point where he eagerly degrades himself after one of her dates. There is verbal humiliation, forced service, slapping, CBT and other techniques throughout. Drew smokes Newport regulars with regular and some snap inhales as well; her exhales range from straight stream to mixed; there are some nice multiple bursts during laughter and speech, and residual exhales too. This title has dialogue and natural sound. The final scene is silent.

Introducing Brianna
Brianna is a sultry blonde - who loves to get naked and nasty. This video starts with Brianna relaxing casually on the couch with a cigarette, in t-shirt and sweatpants. But it doesn't take long for her to get the itch to play with herself - and the clothes come off in relatively short order, as she touches herself while topless, then takes off the pants for some light mastrubation, and then some furious action with the vibrator, for a noisy climax. The scene then switches - Brianna is back relaxing on the couch again, this time in leather vest and pants. But the urge hits again, and before we know it, she's peeling off her clothes again, for some even more furious masturbation, this time using two vibrators (in between drags, of course) to bring herself to another noisy finish. Brianna smokes Marlboro Lights 100s (with a break for one Marlboro 100) non-stop in this video, chain-lighting them several times, with thick cone exhales.

Irlx 5
IRLX-5 features scenes with Jordan and Jasmin, each slowly taking off their tops, and in some scenes their bottoms as well, as they smoke, touch and play with themseles (mostly playing under their pants, although once under a G-string and once fully exposed). There is a lot of leather in this video (which eventually comes off). Two of Jordan's scenes are lengthy ones, as she chains two cigarettes in each of those scenes. Jordan shows her usual terrific style, with thick exhales and snaps/open/mouth inhales; Jasmin shows deep inhales followed by thick mouth or nose exhales. The models smoke Marlboro 100s, Newport 100s, and Marlboro Lights 100s, and use lighters or chain for lightups. There is ambient sound.
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