Smoke And Heels 2

This dark-side outing, obviously focusing on smoke and heels, opens with Synthia at her most elegant, having her high, strappy heels being serviced by her slave as she chain-smokes with thick cone exhales. Next up in Nadja in stockings, then in red heels and finally black heels, having her feet and shows serviced and licked, and then teasing and abusing her human footstool. Keenan enjoys smoking while showing off and fondling her high heels and her thigh-high lace-up boots. Finally Lelani in red pageboy wig and red, then black heels, includes some verbal humiliation in her strong segments, shown in two views, one for foot lovers and one for smoke lovers. In fact, throughout this video there are great closeups of both the heels and the smoking, which is strong throughout. This video has dialogue and natural audio.
Actors: Keenan
Studio: Coherent Light Photography
Categories: Dark Side
Length: 55+ Minutes

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Forced Smoke And Summer Heat
This interesting and varied video opens with Michelle Thorne, who smokes and then pleasures herself in a lengthy and sexy scene. Venus enjoys several cigarettes as she watches herself smoke in the mirror, classy and pretty. Michelle Thorne returns, and she's tired of her roommate Isabella Camille complaining about her smoking. She decides to trick Isabella into testing some ropes she had for her 'kinky bugger of a boyfriend.' Once Isabelle is tied up, Michelle takes her revenge, teasing and torturing Isabella with smoke and forcing her to take some puffs. Michelle then has her way with Isabella in a scene that's funny and very sexy. The video closes with Jewel by herself - nothing but her cigarettes and busy wet fingers. This title has natural sound, music and some dialogue.

Grrl Smoke And Kisses
Smoking cork Newport shorts, Nadja & Maddie portray two British schoolgirls who enjoy sneaking their smokes and enjoying the kisses of another smoking girl. Dangling with nose and mouth exhales are the principal smoking styles as their continuous dialogue covers cute teachers, homework, and each other. The cigarettes are hand held during arc and regular cone exhales, as well as when they are sharing smoke and kissing. They even enjoy a little semi-public play time.

Smoke And Heels
This dark-side video from CoLight's earlier days, with enough great smoking to satisfy non-darksiders as well, has four segments. First, Valentine and Keenan demand the best from a boot boy. Valentine has her heels thoroughly cleaned while Keenan oversees the work. They switch for Keenan's turn and let the boy lick a while before telling him some dirty stories. They offer a bit of spice by flicking some of their ashes on the boots to enhance the flavor. Virtually all the exhales are straight stream with a few husky exhales from Keenan. Keenan smokes Marlboro Reds while Valentine smokes all-whites. Next, Suzanne explains your place with her: her boot and shoe collection is unrivaled and your tongue is to keep them clean. She also plans on making sure you entertain in very special ways at her parties: serving drinks, licking shoes and swallowing ashes while the women tease you to make your servitude even more arousing. She finally relents and encourages you to satisfy yourself at her feet. Shot from several angles, you will enjoy a long look up at Suzanne from the floor. She smokes all-white 100s with snaps and straight stream and right-at-you exhales. In the third scene, Keenan is in seventh heaven as a foot tease. Smoking Marlboro Reds she uses her stockinged foot to rub and tease her boy before seeing how wide her foot can stretch his mouth. Her hose and toes need to be cleaned and the devoted boy sucks the sweat from her feet, as Keenan smiles and laughs throughout. She uses her feet, her see-through mesh top and her straight streams of thick smoke to keep her boy under her foot. Finally, Megan has a new pair of shoes to show off; she uses them under a restaurant table; at home you're on your knees trying to decide which is more delicious, her heels all over you, or her smoke. Megan smokes Marlboro Lights 100s using straight stream exhales and mixed snap and regular inhales. This video has great natural sound and lots of dialogue.

Smoke And Nylon
This title focusing on, obviously, smoke and nylons opens with Ashlyn, a nylon-clad Czech beauty in her first video shoot - a tad nervous and a relatively inexperienced smoker, but captivating nonetheless. Jennifer George reflects and sits quietly on her couch fully dressed, in a powerful mood scene; she then 'smokily adores' Victoria's sleek nylons in a sexy, silky and smoky lesbian and foot worship scene. Taylor St. Clair smokes and chats with Bob in her car (with nice closeups), followed by Chelsea and Gina smoking and talking about a submissive Bob worming around the floor at their feet with a camera; there are nice smoking and leg/foot fetish moments. Michelle closes this video with a goodbye smoke and right-at-you exhales. There is some dialogue, natural sound and music.

White Smoke And Kisses
Selena steps out of her dominant persona to ensnare a man with her smoke. For the first cigarette she explains how she loves to tease men at the club. Then, she shows you what she means as she straddles the lap of a smoke lover who's a bit reluctant. She bathes his face with smoke from her white 100s and slowly teases him into accepting her white smoke if he wishes to kiss her. She applies smoke, light kisses and lip nibbling until the last few minutes when he surrenders to her deep powerful kisses. Selena shows sensational smoking, with deep inhales, snap and french inhales, mouth, nose and mouth/nose exhales, and talking exhales. This video was shot in profile and three-quarters view (with great closeups) with full natural sound and dialogue.
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