In her first video for CoLight, Megan invites you to learn a bit about her; doing a nearly-continuous unscripted monologue, she shows you several of her looks starting with a simple business suit. You'll also see her in her Tux vest, in a sundress lounging in the grass, in full profile as she give you a view of what a 'smoky alphabet' looks like, and finally in a close-up exhortation to share a coming moment with her. The smoking is outstanding, with mouth, nose and combined exhales, snaps, frenches and double drags, talking exhales, and right-at-you, profile and closeup segments. This title has natural sound and dialogue.
Actors: Megan
Studio: Coherent Light Photography
Categories: Pg
Length: 80+ Minutes

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Do It For Megan
This is a dark side title without explicit video content - but with almost every type of verbal humiliation you can imagine - and with terrific smoking. Megan is 'your wife' and you've told her of your secret need for constant humiliation and other abuse. And she loves it. She lights her Marlboro Lights, looks you in the eye, and nails you with her sweet voice and vicious wants and ideas for your new place in her life. Megan is dressed head to toe in her leather corset and spiked collar; the video features a right-at-you view, lots of great snap inhales and talking exhales, wide, midrange and closeup views, and a constant flow of dialogue throughout in Megan's sweet voice, with laughter and cruel, humiiating dialogue involving such things as chastity devices, sexual teasing & denial, forced masturbation for her and her friends, nipple clamps and other painful devices, cuckoldry, and lots more. The video features full dialogue; it's a very early CoherentLight release and was remastered from an old analog tape, so the video quality is a little bit fuzzy at the very start - but clears up right after that.

Irl Platinum Megan And Layla
This new release from IRL Platinum features hottie Megan smoking solo, and then in a duo scene with her friend Layla. Megan absolutely adores smoking and usually rolls her own cigarettes, but we had her smoke corks for this video. She shows cheek-hollowing drags, and loves to play with her smoke - either with big snaps (sometimes chasing it all down to make sure she sucks it all back in) or french inhales, followed by nice cone exhales and some residual nostril exhales at times. You can tell how much she loves smoking just by watching her. In her duo shoot, she talks with Layla about smoking histories, elaborates on her feelings about smoking, and tries to teach Layla some of her techniques. For her part, Layla shows deep drags and thick mouth exhales with a somewhat-elegant style. This video has natural sound and full dialogue in the duo scene.

More Of Megan
Megan smokes nothing but More 120s in her second solo video, first in long profile, then in medium and closeup and extreme closeup shots. Megan shows great snap and french inhales, and full stream exhales, on almost every drag (or double drag), with virtually continuous dialogue punctuated by bursts of smoke from her talking exhales.

Nails 3 Megans Revenge Part 1
We've uncovered this dark side gem deep in the vault and presenting it here for the first time. Megan has a hard time with rejection. She's spent months planning and growing her talons in order to savor her revenge. She claws, bites, slaps and burns her tied-up victim repeatedly. Unlike the previous characters in the Nails series, this Megan is more of an authoritarian and maintains a sterner attitude even if she thoroughly enjoys painfully probing his mouth with her long red nails and constantly licking the sweat, fear and ashes from his burned abused face. Her very harsh language and verbal abuse express her hatred for the man who played with her and then dumped her. She continues to abuse him until his strength is depleted. This video has natural sound and dialogue.

Nails 3 Megans Revenge Part 2
We recently uncovered this gem deep in the archives and are presenting it here for the first time. An angry Megan bent on revenge, uses her long red nails, smoke, dialogue and tongue to continue expressing her hatred for the man who played with her and then dumped her. She then takes her sexual satisfaction from him (although the camera focuses on the action from her breasts up), saving her final orgasm for the moment she snaps his neck. Megan smokes all white 100s, using lots of expansive snaps. There is heavy emphasis on face and mouth licking as well as smoke in the face, eyes & mouth. This title has natural sound and dialogue.
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